Monday, July 6, 2015

Santo Dominigo

We departed just after dawn as today would see one of the longest passages we would make up the coast, still only 40miles, short in relation to some of the passages we have made but it would take most of the day. The winds were light and were just aft the beam so we decided that, as the seas were pretty much flat, we would raise the spinnaker we had re cut to an asymmetrical in La Cruz. We decided to have our old symmetrical spinnaker re cut which now enables us to use it without the rather cumbersome spinnaker pole. Although it is probably not as efficient dead downwind we will probably use it more often as it is much easier to put up and to handle once up. Time will tell if it is less efficient downwind. 

Anchored at Isla Coyote

We sailed pretty much all the way to the anchorage and arrived at a deep twilight, dropping the hook in another picturesque empty anchorage with a smooth white and shell littered sandy beach.

The beach yielded a few treasures and was a wonderful place to swim and cool off in the increasing daily temperatures that we have been experiencing. Unfortunately Katya stood on a stingray and was in excruciating pain for about an hour whilst we bathed her foot it hot water and the pain relief took effect.
Isla Coyote

So hot my shoes melted
The morning breeze came up from the south and we raised the anchor and beat our way into Bahia Concepcion to Isla Coyote. This is one of the most popular destinations in the Sea of Cortez and we expected it to be busy but there was not a single boat in sight. Had we missed something? Was there another hurricane on the way? We zigzagged our way to Isla Coyote, a small island with a one boat anchorage with another white sandy beach. The swim to shore was short but welcome in the heat of the day. Jude and I walked up the hill to get a better view of the island and Bahia Concepcion. The ground was so hot it melted the glue holding the soles of my trusty hiking shoes. later in the afternoon went snorkeling around the headland.

Over the next few days we visited a few other anchorages and settled on Playa Coyote as a place we would spend a few days and wait for our friends on Pesto and Coastal Drifter to turn up. The children from all three boats swam between each other’s laughing and singing. We had enjoyable evenings on each others boats talking about past experiences and future plans.

Debra and Phil from Coastal Drifter came up with the great idea to give the children a graduation party. A palapa on the beach was used as a pavilion, speeches were made and academic achievement certificates awarded to all of the children on the three boats. Cakes were eaten we lounged on the beach until the sun went down.

Debra from Coastal Drifter, MC of graduation ceremony

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