Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Location update...

Friday Harbor Marina. Washington USA
We departed San Carlos Mexico on the 7th July traveling by bus to Phoenix Arizona where we stayed 2 days and met up with our friends from 'Ohanna. We then flew to Seattle, took a bus to Anacortes and  ferry to Friday harbour, on San Juan Island, where we stayed 3 nights, met up with our friends and then picked up our car and drove 1500 miles across 5 states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado) to sunny Denver to meet up with more friends and check on Sally our 1967 mustang and do a few other chores. We depart Denver on the 22nd July and fly to Manchester England to see my father and stay with friends there until the end of hurricane season in Mexico. 

More posts will follow when our feet stay put for a few days.

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