Monday, March 9, 2015

Friends from afar

The 21st of January marked the day when our first friends arrived, TC and Kelly from Washington State. We first met them on the dock in Skyline Marina where they kept their trimaran, Strider. Both TC and Kelly have been exceptionally kind to us over the past few years, treating us with delights from their wonderfully stocked garden. TC also kindly joined us on our journey from Friday Harbor to San Francisco.

On their arrival we went back into the marina so that we could enjoy the small town of La Cruz before heading off for a sail somewhere south. Somehow we missed their arrival, we were waiting by the main entrance but they were dropped off by the taxi around the back and were found walking around the docks probably wondering where on earth we had got to!

Having consulted the various guides we all decided that we would head south to the bay of Chamela via Yelapa where we would try and meet up with Steve and Sandy. We filled up with fuel and headed across the bay of Banderas to check out the small islands of Los Arcos. Unfortunately the water was too deep to anchor so we carried on to Yelapa having to ignore our Garmin chartplotter which did not even show the bay of Yelapa never mind any of the depths in the bay. it’s a bit daunting to see your track going overland.

On arrival in Yelapa we tied up to one of Domingo’s mooring buoys and went for a much needed cool of swim, TC swimming to shore and walking along the beach. We decided to stay on the boat for the evening and go onshore the following morning to explore the beautiful old fishing town of Yelapa.

The following morning, after a rather rolly night on the mooring buoy Domingo came to collect us and drop us off in town where we enjoyed a nice breakfast at the waterfront Bahia cafĂ©. We wondered through the tiny streets of the town which are wide enough for only 2-3 people as there are no vehicles in Yelapa, everything has to come in by boat or donkey. We took a small walk up to the small waterfall passing some interesting building “projects” some completed but many not completed. We met up with Steve and Sandy just as we were departing back to our boat as they had been to Puerto Vallarta to get some provisions. 

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