Friday, March 20, 2015

Even more friends from afar

Check out the teenage stance...

 Colin, another great and long time friend joined Lawrence, Linda and Callum to stay with us, bringing with him a lovely bottle of Welsh whiskey – yes Welsh whiskey! Although his trip only overlapped for a couple of days it was great to see everybody together and have a few beers. We talked about their planned trip on the motorbikes from the UK to North Africa, which is coming up later in March and I am disappointed that I cannot make the trip but I am sure there will be other times.

When the Lees departed we hired another car and went back to Chacala and to Sayulita, two of our now favorite towns which are close to La Cruz. We also went back again to Yelapa and walked the trail back to the waterfall which was just as special. We had a wonderful sail on our return to La Cruz and even saw a duo of breaching whales, mum and calf.

Colin and took the kayaks out for a 5 mile paddle along the coast to a couple of pristine sandy beaches and went for a snorkel. Apart from a couple of locals collecting lobster there were very few people about given the proximity to a few major resorts.

Katya has been attending “silks” lessons, which is a sort of acrobatics class using long ribbons in which you entwine yourself and perform ever more complicated moves. Looks like a great exercise and muscle building activity.     

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  1. Welsh whiskey.... I once met a Scot who stated he did not trust the Welsh as they were the only Celtic race not making a whiskey. They modified other peoples whiskey, but did not make their own. Details required!