Friday, December 12, 2014

Cabo and Bahia Los Frailes

We left Bahia Santa Maria in light winds from behind us but the forecast was for 10-15 knots so we hoped for some sailing on this leg of about 180 miles. In the end we motored most of the way but did have some sailing in very light and floppy winds.

Cabo San Lucas

We arrived in Cabo San Lucas in the morning and anchored off the main beach in about 30 feet of crystal clear water. Jude could see the Sting rays on the bottom along with our anchor, something we never saw in Alaska, mainly because the anchorages were always so deep.

Cabo is a typical Mexican tourist trap, with the locals trying to extract every cent you have. We walked around the town that had recently been hit by a hurricane and it’s hard to see what was hurricane damage and what is just a normal Mexican city with half finished buildings some patched with any material they can find. Cabo does have a strange mixture of high class shops and then the small Mexican stores. 

Bahia Los Frailes
We stayed in Cabo only one night, mainly because we did not particularly like the commercial attitude of the city – we were even charged $20 to anchor off the beach!

We had a long beat to windward to reach Bahia Los Frailes, a lovely anchorage with a white sand beach and reports of good snorkeling. The rhumb line distance was 43 miles but by the time we zig zagged our way there in 20—25 knots we clocked up 64 miles and arrived after dark.

The next 3 days were spend hiking up the hill, snorkeling and walking along the beach whilst we waited for the winds to drop for our journey north to La Paz.

The sea life in the bay was abundant and we watched the small fish swim around the boat and a spectacular show of leaping manta rays.

Leaping Manta rays

Greg and Larrissa on Cythera were also anchored in the bay and we met up for a an informal beach fire party on one of the evenings along with their friends on Free Spirit. 

Summit of the walk in Los Frailes

Mexican Navy

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  1. Hello Team Sarita!

    I sent a post that I don't think went through. It is snowing today in Denver, so getting pictures and stories from sunny Mexico couldn't be more timely.

    I was reading my sailing magazine this week, and discovered La Paz. I did some research, and discovered that chartering out of there is quite easy. Tara and I were considering a trip down there this winter/Spring (Feb-April).

    How long are you planning to stay in the area? We would love to see you guys.

    Let me know. Happy sailing!