Sunday, August 31, 2014

Onward to Vancouver!

Lagoon Cove to Forward harbor

We were apprehensive about going back to Forward Harbor after our wonderful dog, Luda, was taken by a Mountain Lion (AKA Cougar) back in 2012. We had previously erected a memorial signpost there and wanted to see if it was still there. Sure enough I am pleased to say that it was and still in good condition. Being back there brought back the memories of that fateful day when Luda was taken. We watched other people on the beach walk their dogs and hoped they did not suffer the same fate.

We lingered in Forward harbor for a few days, enjoying the sunny weather before we headed on to the Octopus Islands, another one of our favorite anchorages. When we have been there in the past it has always been low season and we have nearly always been the only boat there. This time it was different – we counted 30 other boats but there is plenty of space for a hundred boats in the anchorage.

We swam in the sea and the following day we made the 1 hour hike to Newton Lake and swam in the beautiful clear warm freshwater. We lingered until late afternoon before heading back to the boat. The following day we visited the “Art Shack” on one of the small islands and left our own artistic contribution created by all of the Crew of Sarita.

Swimming in Newton Lake

The "Art Shack" Octopus Islands

Inside the "Art Shack" The Octopus Islands

Another early morning departure to catch slack water through the narrows and on to Herriot Bay to fill the water tanks and obtain some much needed provisions. We have not bought any food since leaving Prince Rupert and we are drastically low on many items, especially chocolate.
Gorge Harbor with Al Capone's yacht

After doing a small provision we headed out to Gorge Harbor where we hoped to meet up with Keith, Jenny and Justin on Lady J.

We stayed overnight in Gorge Harbor but Lady J did not turn up so we departed the following morning and headed over to Tenedos Bay in Desolation sound. We tried to hail Lady J on the way and another boater told they were still in Powell River.

We stern tied in Tenedos Bay in 120 feet of water, Jude and Maddie doing an excellent job in tying ashore without embarrassment. The water here is reportedly very warm so it was without delay that we decided to find out and boy was it great! The water was nearly 80 degrees so even Jude came in for a swim.

Stern tied in Tenedos Bay

I decided to take the dinghy for a run and was approached by what I thought was a mad boater in his Boston Whaler. He was coming right for me. Quick turn to port – he followed – turn to starboard – he followed. Damn! What is he doing?? Then the egg was on my face as it turned out to be Keith, Jenny, Justin and Justin’s brother Geoffrey from Lady J.      

Maddie taking Geoffrey for  ride
We spent the next couple of days swimming in the clear warm waters and generally mucking about. Keith and Jenny invited us over for a meal and we bought some Oysters over from the rocks near our boat. Keith grilled them on the BBQ and they were delicious.

We stopped off for a night in Pender Harbor, where we all had enormous ice creams and I mean enormous. It was pretty mad in Pender being the height of the summer season. We decided not to anchor in Garden bay and opted for more swing room outside. I sleep better that way.   

The long trip to Vancouver was uneventful but a beautiful sunny and warm day but little wind which was from behind so we motored all the way. We had expected a very busy harbor in Vancouver being the busiest weekend of the year and it sure was. We did however manage to find a spot to anchor in False creek, albeit in the main channel, but nobody moved us on.

Vancouver is the final destination for the girls who have now completed the full length of the Inside Passage from Juneau. It’s been wonderful to have them aboard and they added much to our adventures. Thanks. They now have a few days with some family in Vancouver before they depart for Mexico and their great South American adventures.

We stayed a few days in Vancouver visiting the Maritime Museum and of course the delights of Granville Market and walking around the wonderful city.

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