Friday, August 30, 2013

25th June. Pelican to Didrickson Bay. 31miles

Today would be our first passage in the Pacific ocean, heading out of Lisianski Strait with the ebb tide in time for slack water at the entrance to minimize any turbulence which is reported to be quite fierce sometimes. We departed the wonderful town of Pelican at 7am, wishing that we could have stayed another day but our schedule to pack in some sights before all the party left means we have to move on. For some reason Lisianski strait was ebbing north instead of south and this gave us up to 3 knots of current against us at times – we would be late for slack water at the entrance. The exit out of Lisianski into the Pacific was a little turbulent and it lasted for about 1 mile, after that the ocean swells built up. We decided to try our luck at fishing as these are reported to be fertile fishing grounds. Sure enough after about 5 minutes I had salmon on the line. Another five minutes and another Salmon. Then Sandy caught two more. Great, the fridge is full!

The swell built as we made our way south and into the protected waters of Portlock Harbour and on to Didrickson Bay where we dropped the anchor and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine. Jude and I went exploring in the kayaks, playing around in the rapids of a small rive at the head of the bay and I even went for a swim in the relatively warm waters – still cold for only a short swim.                  

Ben continues to entertaining us with his guitar playing and Amber and Katya baked some banana choc chip cookies as well as creating some more artwork. Ben decided that Steve and Sandy needed to hear his Didgeridoo rendition of “Men of Constant Sorrow” which sounded like a water buffalo with bad wind. This was kindly played through their hatch at about 11:30pm. What a kind gent he is.

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