Friday, August 30, 2013

15th July Craig to Dunbar Inlet 36 miles

The west coast of Prince of Wales island is seldom traveled and we saw no other boats once we passed through Ulloa Channel, which we did doing 10.7 knots over ground, thanks to the strong current. Once through the channel the winds picked up and we raised the sails, turned the engine off and gently sailed through the small island chains to our destination. We saw numerous whales on this trip, probably more than any other place on the trip so far.

Sail appreciation day...

As we approached the anchorage we spotted a black bear on the shore. We slowed down and drifted along watch the bear with a young cub feeding on shellfish.

It was another peaceful evening, not a breath of wind so once dark, Amber, Badger and Katya lit the Chinese lanterns that Amber had brought from Scotland and released them into the clear night sky. They drifted slowly upwards, the light shining like a bright star before their flame expired and the remnants fell back to the sea. It was quite spell binding.

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