Monday, July 1, 2013

20th June. Reid Glacier to Blue Mouse Cove. 18nm

Having kayaked back to the face of the glacier for one last look and this huge ice flow we departed for an attempt to get to the face of Lamplugh glacier. We slowly weaved our way through the ice but it became thicker to an such an extent that we decided that it would not be possible for us to make it to the glacier, or if we did it would take us so long to do so that there would be little time to make it to our next destination. The crew did a wonderful job pushing the ice away from the boat but it was just to thick for my nerves.

Steve foraging for ice for his vodka tonic

Amber and Ben heading for the glacier

We carried on our way to Blue Mouse cove and raised the sails for most of the journey albeit it at about 4 knots. We anchored in about 60 foot of glacier melt water in Blue Mouse cove and enjoyed a quiet evening.

The following day we explored Scidmore Bay in the Kayaks, which is closed to motorized boats, stopping off at some of the islands and along the coastline of the bay. Ben and Amber went for a Kayak whilst Steve and Sandy rowed the dinghy ashore. Shortly after leaving shore a black bear appeared where they had been.

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