Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thorne Bay to Exchange Cove 44 nm

After yesterday’s whale viewings we were hoping for more sightings as we proceeded up Clarence Strait towards Exchange Island. We hugged the shore to see if we could see any bear but we were to draw a blank on wildlife for today. The weather was still overcast as a series of low pressure systems were sweeping by. I did manage to pull down a Pacific GRIB file and if we are lucky a large high pressure system might push the low out and settle over SE Alaska for a while. Fingers crossed.

As we made our way up the strait we could see a large pleasure boat crossing the strait. Given there are not that many anchorages around here it could be possible that they were also heading for Exchange Island. Not that it is a problem, most anchorages are certainly large enough to accommodate quote a few boats but it’s sometimes nice to have an anchorage to yourselves especially having been in town for a few days. We weaved our way through the islands of Kashevarof passage and headed around the north shore of exchange Island and sure enough the large motor boat we had seen earlier was anchored. It turned out to be a charter fishing boat – Persistance or was it Perseverance– . We motored past them and dropped the hook in 20ft of water at 4pm.

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