Saturday, June 8, 2013

Petersburg to Cleveland passage. 37.6nm

The weather has started to improve and the forecast is for some favorable winds to take us north to Cleveland passage anchorage. We set off while Katya was still asleep – practicing being a teenager – and headed into Frederick Sound. The sails were raised and we close hauled up the sound in sunny weather. Still no more whales. Prime Time, a motor boat in the slip near us in Petersburg, was on the VHF to us 

“Australian sailboat, this is Primetime”

“Primetime this is Sarita – channel 68”

“Can you see us? Just thought we would let you know that there are two large bears on the beach over here”

“Thanks. We will head over there and take a look”

That was kind of them. We headed over and watched the two bears foraging on the beach for a while and continued on our way.

We were the only boat in anchored in Cleveland passage. It’s not the most pleasant anchorage, it’s a bit exposed to Northerly winds and a bit of swell but there was plenty of swing room so let out most of our chain in case the winds picked up overnight.

The sun was still shining late in the evening and I was on deck with a beer and a fishing rod after a long hard day. (don’t feel sorry for me)  Wait, that was a big nibble on the rod. Wham, a big bite and I have something worthwhile. Turns out to be a 10lb flounder! Fantastic. Jude cooked it up and we had fish and chips for supper.

10lb Flounder

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