Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kumealon Inlet to Prince Rupert – 35 miles

We awoke to a foggy morning which meant that we would have our radar on for the passage to Prince Rupert which is the last town in BC before heading across Dixon Entrance and the border to the USA. It is also a chance to re provision with some of the Canadian goodies. The journey was uneventful and after the fog lifted around 11am we made good progress towards PR. Civilization. Huge Chinese bulk carriers filled with coal, grain, containers and fish. We called up the PR yacht club and they assigned a slip near the fuel dock. We went ashore to explore PR and do some provisioning. I looked for a computer to replace our on board PC which broke down in Port McNeill. No joy. We would have to continue to use my laptop to run the radar but left us with no spare. I don’t believe windows PCs are reliably enough to be on boats. You always need a backup or two. Katya and I went to visit the Prince Rupert museum and enjoyed the exhibits there and wondered around town. We all had a nice fish and chips meal at Smiley’s restaurant.
Prince Rupert Yacht club

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