Sunday, June 30, 2013

14th June. Funter Bay to Swanson Harbor – 10 miles.

We awoke to another sunny day and travelled the short distance to Swanson harbor which is a well protected harbor on the south west end of Lynn Canal (not sure why they call it a canal – its natural and about 3 miles wide at its narrowest point). We tied up to one of the two public floats which were both empty with the exception of ourselves and Mary and her 90 year old father in their Nordic tug.
Amber and Ben exploring in the Kayaks
Ben and Amber went Kayaking and caught some Dolly Varden (perhaps they were Pollock) which were filleted and the remains kept for crab bait.

By the evening the docks filled up. Some more Australians, whom we chatted to for a while and a group of young fisher men/women rafted up and filled up the remaining space on the dock. Before we knew it the party was on. They had bought a fire pit which was lit on the dock and copious quantities of alcohol and we sat around and chatted, as the evening wore on the chatting turned into ruckus behavior. Ben and I were persuaded to “shotgun” beers – a process whereby a can is held on its side, a hole cut on the side of the can through which you have rapidly drink the beer against an opponent. A sure fire way to get imbibed quickly. I am not sure what time we all went to bed but it was late as it was dark so it must have been after 1am. 

Curry night

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