Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blunden Harbor

Departed Port McNeill at midday and sailed all the way to Blunden Harbor. It was to wind again so we had to beat our way there with 17-25 knot true winds. Sunny. Great fun.

We were going to stay here tomorrow but they are forecasting 25-30 knots from the south east which would make a better sail for us than the usual North west winds so we will make the most of the south winds to pass Cape Caution.



  1. Waggoner book has a brief, but nice bit on Blunden and cautions ebbs at Slingsby Channel. They also recommend monitoring the 'Continuous Marine Broadcast' and wait for the 'West Sea Otter Bouy' to report 1 meter or less. If the predicted strong SE winds are there, go while the gettin' is good!


  2. So glad to hear its all smooth sailing! Love Katyas corner, please please keep writing to us. Katenka you are a great writer and we all want to see a whole book with illustrations!!! What an amazing adventure! Would have loved to share it with you all.
    Finally we are all back home. Boys got back on Sunday, slept for 24hr stright. All back to normal now. I have put some pictures up on facebook and will make some more into an album. Gaba and I also had a great trip. Bali is very beautiful and Vika and Natasha were a good company. I will post some photos from our trip too. There is so much to see but so little holiday time (and money)!
    Will try to call you tonight, maybe will get signal??
    Love you and miss you very much
    Hugs and Kisses XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX