Saturday, June 9, 2012


Jude, Katya and I arrived at the boat at midnight on Thursday after a 1450 mile journey from Denver. We left at 2pm on the dot on Wednesday after Jude and Katya finished school. We stopped in Billings, Montana for the first night after a 9 hr drive and left at 8am the following day. 

We managed to meet up with Steve and Sandy in Missoula Montana for lunch -  no more junk food please -and then went our separate ways, we were heading on to Anacortes and Steve and Sandy on to Ritzville which was apparently more like Pittsville.

We unpacked the car on arrival. You should have seen the chaos on the boat – stuff everywhere – but we were too exhausted to sort it all out so we just made the beds and crashed out.

4 hours after leaving the house we had a call from the real estate agent telling us to expect an offer on the house. Sure enough we received the offer. That was quick! We now have to work out the completion dates and drive back to Denver to pack and move out.

We were greeted on Friday morning with sunshine and started the process of packing all our stuff into every crevice we have on the boat whilst leaving some space for Steve, Sandy and Roger. It’s amazing how it all vanished. I just hope we can find everything when we need it.
We have a few jobs on to do on the boat before we leave – general maintenance, a few fixes and preparation for leaving on Tuesday for the San Juan Islands.

Luda, our terrier, is getting used to the boat and has now managed to work out how to get on and off the boat.

Roger is currently in the air and should be landing in Seattle at 9:30 this evening. I am sure he will be exhausted when arrives.


  1. Awesome news guys - loves to you all xx

  2. PS - where does Luda go to the toilet???? hee hee