Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Schouten Island


The Schouten Shuffle - This is the term coined by the locals for the regular move from Bryan's Corner to Schouten Island and back as the winds shift from north to South and as the winds were due to turn southerly we picked up the anchor having had breakfast and a cuppa.  We were lucky enough to have the choice of anchoring spot as we were the only boat there. 

We dropped the anchor in about 10m of crystal clear water, being able to see the anchor touch down on the sea bed and the chain as it was laid down. In the background to the south Bear Hill overlooked the double bay.

So far the weather has been excellent with temperatures in the mid 20s and the water temp showing 19.5, much warmer than I had expected. 

We dropped the dinghy in the water and headed to the beach to explore, stretch our legs and have a swim on yet another pristine beach.

Bear Hill

The Island has a few good walks and one of which is the hike up Bear Hill. It is almost a mountain at 981 feet, depending on the classification and starts off at the waters edge and a gentle slope through some native pines and ends up as a rock scramble over granite boulders to reach the top and magnificent 360 degree views with the Freycinet Peninsular to the north.

Waterfall and Coal Mine walk

One of the other hike on the island is the Waterfall and Coal mine walk which starts behind the Ranger hut  going through some grassland before crossing the creek and falling it up to the top of the waterfall. 

There was not much water flowing over the fall but there was enough to fill a number of rock pools and to have a refreshing dip at the edge of the fall with more magnificent views and like the Bear Hill walk we had the place to ourselves.

On the return journey we made a small detour to look at a coal mine discovered in 1809 by a local settler. Not the largest of mines, thankfully, but no doubt the discovery was much appreciated in winter by the settler.