Saturday, May 19, 2012

Final Tuning

The guys are busy building the rack for the Subaru so that we can haul the kayaks to the sailboat. Jude and I are trying out the pressure cooker. Potatoes were ok--broccoli-- well, we burned the broccoli. Hoping to improve on the cooking thing. We're checking and making lists and getting very excited about our upcoming adventure!

Friday, May 18, 2012


The list of provisions for the trip is growing rapidly. All the important items required for each of us to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable. I think I will leave Jude to decide where it all goes though!

Our good friends Steve and Sandy Duren will be joining us for the trip. Both Steve and Sandy have sailed with us before and Steve endured the sail from San Diego to Anacortes in 2011 - against the wind.

Steve, Sandy, Jude and Katya on Jones Island October 2011

We are now preparing for our summer trip from Anacortes, Washington State to British Columbia and possibly Alaska, depending on how much fun we have along the way. Only 3 weeks to go and the preparations are a little slow as work projects on the house have delayed us.

Sarita in Victoria BC
We are planning to drive from Denver to Anacortes the day after school finishes and the 1200 mile journey should take 2-3 days. Once we arrive in Washington we are picking up "Grandpa Rog" from Seattle Airport before heading to the boat.